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Weak Hips Cause Knee Pain

It is an odd thing, and it doesn't really make sense, but it's true that weak hips can cause knee pain.  "How is that?"  you may wonder. 

Look at this video taken about a week ago.  This patient had a a new hip put in, so she is weak on her right (left side of the video).  Watch her step down, and you will see her right hip shifts to the outside, and her right thigh and knee roll in.  Because her right thigh rolls in her kneecap is tugged to the outside of its normal groove causing knee pain. 


Check back tomorrow to see if her hip gets stronger and her knee pain goes away!

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    Nice post ,

    really it`s very nice . to put some knowledge about the pain .

    your thinking is right bcoz some people hips are very big . so his/her leg are always on pressure

  • Nice!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the video. See I have had major knee pain that I can’t run and it hurts to walk. I have seen 3 PT, 3 Orthopedics and had 2 MRI. All they say is my knee cap is not tracking. We have tried stuff but it is not working. I have been think since I have had hip issues since I was a kid maybe it is cuased by somthing from my hips.Maybe that is what I need to work on. I just don’t know what is going on with the hips. You all made believe after everything I have been through that I need to start focusing on the hips. I can’t live with this pain as a 36 extremely active women.

    • LComstock

      Hope this helps!