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Weak Scapular Muscles make P90X Shoulder Workout Hard

Is your arm or pushup P90X workout difficult? Did you order your P90X to come to Olympia, Lacey or Tumwater, only to find out you are having problems?   Are you struggling but not sure why?  Do you have shoulder blade or middle back pain?   You might have weak shoulder blade muscles that make your shoulder wobbly on your ribs.  Here is what this looks like (the left side is the weak side) when you lift your arms up overhead :




Here is what it looks like when you try to do a push up:




Tune in the next few days to see a couple of exercises to fix this!


  • Great job on the videos, Linnea.

  • robf

    “next few days ” means what ? Had un-related neck operation and resultant nerve damage which ( am told by surgeon) caused some rotator cuff muscles to wither . Now have limited ability to lift R arm . related to Scapula. I googled for help and found your site but have no idea what or how to learn or work on my problem

  • Linnea Comstock

    Robf, I would go back to the surgeon and ask for a very detailed explanation of what happened in the surgery.