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At Comstock PT, We’re Team Players

Have you ever been treated by a physical therapist, chiropractor and massage therapist at the same time for lower or upper back pain, or neck pain?

Did they:

A) work together as a team and respect one another?


B) did you feel as if you were betraying one health professional if you also saw a different one?

If it was “B” you probably felt like you were stuck in the middle between your different care providers.  You are not sure if their treatments are working together or at cross purposes.

Welcome to a fresh approach, an approach where the client is the center and the providers work together for your benefit.  If you are receiving chiropractic and massage therapy, we will work with your other care to providers to coordinate care and make sure treatments work together.

We work with a number of local chiropractors to assist you in receiving an exercise program which will support your other treatments.  We cross refer back and forth.  We also do this with massage therapists.

In short, if you add PT rehabilitation with your chiropractic and massage, your adjustments may be smoother and easier.  PT will help you hold and progress the gains you make in chiropractic and massage therapy.



  • It’s so much easier on the patient, and less stressful, when doctors, therapists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals work together for the benefit of the patient. It’s also less expensive for insurance companies because the patient heals faster. It’s nice to see a physical therapist that appreciates other disciplines like chiropractic, massage therapy, and acupuncture.

  • Donna

    Been going to Comcstock for 2-3 months now for upper back/scapular area pain. With the combination of PT and chiropractic manipulations I’m now able to get back to the gym, PAIN FREE! Comtstock has a great team of PTs and front office staff that make the visits easy and very well worth it!