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Got neck pain? Stretches to help that out! {Olympia Wa}

Do you have neck pain, especially from sitting for a long time?  I recently took a long flight and after a while my neck  and upper shoulders started to become stiff.  What exercises help that?

Of course stretching your neck and shoulders helps like this:

BUT there is another tight muscle that strains your neck and it is, SURPRISE, the latissimus muscle!  It is located below the shoulder blades and when tight, pulls the shoulder blades down straining the muscles on top of the shoulder blade which connect to the neck such as the upper trapezius, levator scapulae and rhomboids.  Here is a picture:

To stretch it while sitting, stretch one side at a time.  Put, for example, your right arm over the top of your head, then tip your ribs to the left and shift them to the right like this:stretching for neck pain

  • Builder50

    That is a good one. That is an area where I have a lot of pain. Thanks!

    • L Comstock

      Thanks, glad it was helpful!

  • Martyschweyer

    Both stretches are great; the neck stretch can help with mobility as well as head aches.

    • L Comstock

      Thanks!  I am glad you liked them!

  • 123

    tight lats are bad

  • I’ve been enduring the pain in my neck.  I thought I have a high blood pressure, but when I consulted my doctor, she said it was because of pillow.  

    • LComstock

      Did the pillow work for you?