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Back Pain When Shoveling Snow? Try a few of these exercises {Olympia, Wa}

Did you get an achey back after shoveling snow?  You may wonder why that happens.  It happens because the deeper supportive muscles get tired and the larger lumbar paraspinals take over but they become achey.  Here is a picture of the lumbar paraspinals:

What exercises can you do?  First get onto your bed or floor, and stretch your hips back towards your knees.

Then, to relax the larger muscles and strengthen your core, contract your pelvic floor (Do a Kegel’s) and while holding the Kegel’s, pull your tummy in towards your spine.  Hold for 5 seconds, and do 10 repetitions.  Here is a picture of the deeper core muscles:

Have fun in the snow!

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    I love comstock PT

  • amber hansen

    well i just got home from my appointment. i love your facility, and how you have great bed side manners. i feel like a person there and not just another pay check. LOVE you comstock pt

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    transverse abdominus rocks

  • well what to say……… hmmmmm……… i love you guys. you are giving me back my life without pain. I love the new exercises we did today. you guys are the best. thanks again.