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We are experts at helping patients regain pain-free movement that lasts.

Comstock Physical Therapy will be open with TELEHEALTH  sessions from 3-30-2020 through 4-3-2020 due the Covid19 concerns.  

Our physical location will be closed for hands-on patient treatment due to social distancing requirements.

We will be calling all of our patients to see if they would like to schedule with one of the therapists for TELEHEALTH.  Our understanding at this point as that most insurances will pay for a telehealth visit as if the patient is in office. 


If you have an immediate need, please call our office at 360-455-8014, and leave a message.  We will be monitoring phone messages and addressing them as the develop.    

Thank you, Linnea Comstock PT DPT, Owner Comstock PT


What makes us different?

Comstock Physical Therapy, Muscles-In-Sync in Olympia, Washington

We treat the root cause of your pain by using our deep in-depth knowledge of how your muscles and joints should move together…and how they don’t when you have pain.  We have a passionate understanding of how your muscles and connecting tissues work together. We call this approach Muscles-In-Sync (R).

A Fresh Approach – Integrated Care

Welcome to a fresh approach, an approach where the client is the center and the providers work together for your benefit.  If you are receiving chiropractic and massage therapy, we will work with your other care to providers to coordinate care and make sure treatments work together.

If you are recovering from surgery, an injury or both, we will work with your referring surgeon or physician to optimize your recover.  In addition, we coordinate care with chiropractors and massage therapists to assist you in receiving an exercise program which will support your other treatments.    If you add physical therapy rehabilitation with your chiropractic and massage, your adjustments may be smoother and easier.  Physical therapy will help you hold and progress the gains you make in chiropractic and massage therapy.

Top 10 physical therapists in Olympia

Congratulations to Comstock Physical Therapy for winning the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards in Olympia Physical Therapist
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