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Working your core and still have back pain? Here’s why

Out of sync muscles cause pain cycle

Have you had a back injury, worked your core muscles and still hurt?  Have you wondered why you still have pain?  Even if you work your abs, you may not be working the true "inner core."  The secret to getting better with back pain is working the true inner core; retraining it to contract at the right time to protect your back, and getting your Muscles In-SyncTM.  

It turns out the the "inner core" is programmed like a computer to contract first before you reach your arm or kick your leg out.  It does this to support and protect your back.  When your back gets hurt, it starts contracting after  you move your arm or leg.  At first, after an injury, this actually helps to protect your back;  the bigger muscle spasm to lock up your back so you don't move farther and hurt your back more.  

The problem is the spasms stick around and don't unlock, and the "inner core" keeps contracting after the big muscles.  When the big muscles fire first it causes low back pain.  

A vicious cycle gets set up that keeps the pain going.  

How do you break the pain cycle? You get your  true "inner core"  Muscles In-SyncTM .   Begin by contracting your true "inner core". What exactly is the true "inner core". It is the transverse abdominus, pelvic floor and multifidus.  It get the best result, come to Comstock Physical Therapy where we can use our Ultrasound Imaging machine to take a look at your true "inner core."  Here are images of the transverse abdominus (TrA):

transverse abdominal muscle contracting on cue

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