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Walking a lot on vacation? Got sore feet? What to do…

Does the amount of walking you do exponentially increase when on vacation?  Such spots as Las Vegas, Washington DC and New York require a lot of walking and if you have a desk job or don’t walk a lot, your feet will hurt if you don’t  prepare.

How to prepare?

#1:  Do you have flat feet (do your feet pronate).? If so, you can purchase over the counter arch supports and use them on and off during your trip while walking a lot.

#2:  Are you feet week?  Practice single leg balancing for 30 seconds 3 times per day on each foot/leg to build up foot strength and improve your balance.  Better yet, if you have a gel disc at home or the gym use that–it will challenge you more.

#3  Make sure to alternate different types of shoes during the day to stress different parts of your foot.  One day I wore tennis shoes with orthotics in the morning, and wore sketcher flip flops in the afternoon.

#4  Learn how to massage your feet and lower leg muscles to take the kinks out.


Happy walking!

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Comstock Physical Therapy

We have a rebounder at Comstock PT

Enjoy the video below. Funny ending! :)

5 Tool Sport
Plyos are a mainstay exercise for athletes in the mid-to-late stages of rehab for upper or lower extremity injuries (or can also be used for prevention)😏. They begin to prepare the affected structures and tissues to tolerate forces and stress more closely related to sport. For the #thrower 🥎⚾️, we like to use these as a precursor before interval throwing programs.
There are many ways of accomplishing this, but here we show how to use a rebounder/trampoline to achieve dynamic shoulder plyos.
1️⃣ Chest pass
2️⃣ Diagonals
3️⃣ Overhead chop
4️⃣ 0° IR
5️⃣ 90° IR
6️⃣ 0° ER
All incorporate a controlled concentric to eccentric phase and have the added bonus of adjusting to an external object. What others do you like??
🔹Swanik et al. The effect of shoulder plyometric training on amortization time and upper extremity kinematics. JSR. 2016.
🔹 Wright, et al. Exercise prescription for overhead athletes with shoulder pathology: a systematic review with best evidence synthesis. BJSM. 2018.

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Comstock Physical Therapy
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