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Muscle of the week/month: Levator Scapulae

Levator-Scapula-triggerLevator Scapulae–That muscle is TROUBLE! 

The levator scapulae muscle causes a lot of pain.  Stretching and giving the muscle trigger point massage will give you only temporary relief.  How do you get a permanent fix?  Take the strain away!

The muscle is strained, or has too much tension on it when it is always stretched.  The muscle lifts the inner upper corner of the shoulder blade up towards the neck AND also rotates the shoulder blade down, so the outer corner is lower than the inner corner.

When you stand with your shoulder and shoulder blade forward on the rib cage like the picture here the levator scaplae gets strained and pulled at the upper inner angle.  : anteiror humeral glide syndrome

The actual treatment is to strengthen the muscles which pull the shoulder blade back as well as those that lift and stretch tight muscles which pull the shoulder blade forward.

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