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Like most things in life, aches and pains just happen. Each year we spend increasingly more time and money trying to fix the wear and tear that happens as we go about our lives. Some people have a specific problem that can be addressed and resolved. For many, however, finding the root of the cause is as excruciating as the pain itself. Muscles-In-Sync “When you become injured, the body begins to misfire. It’s the way you compensate when you have an injury. The way the muscles contract is out of order. They don’t provide the protection the way they did before you were hurt,” explains Linnea Comstock, Owner and Physical Therapist of Comstock Physical Therapy in Lacey. Pinpointing the problem and addressing the connecting muscles is Comstock’s specialty. It is what she and her staff refer to as “Muscles-In-Sync.” Read More

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