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Better Balance



Do you ever catch your toe on a floor rug or maybe a slightly raised curb?  Do you find yourself grabbing onto the walls or furniture when you lose your balance?  Do you feel like you should use a cane but don’t want to?  Do you want to prevent a “bad” fall before it happens? 


Well you’re in luck because balance CAN be improved if you work on the right things; no matter your age.  You might wonder, “How can my balance get any better?  It just seems to be getting worse with time.”  It’s true, balance does seem to deteriorate over time but only because our ankles, hips and reaction times get to be less than optimal.  But the good news is that you can improve in all these areas.  The physical therapist will look at your flexibility, strength and reaction time to assess your specific balance needs.  Is it surprising that these few little things could help?  Well here are the basics on HOW it will help:


Flexibility is important in order to “catch yourself” when becoming off balance.  If you are too stiff in the ankles or hips, you won’t have the flexibility to do this with even a small loss of balance which could lead to a fall.  Better flexibility will assist make it easier to get dressed, get in and out of the car as well as moving around the kitchen or workshop. 


Strength is important in both the ankles and hips to regain your steadiness.  The stronger the ankles and hips are, the better your chances of being able to balance yourself with small and larger stumbles.  More strength makes it easier to go upstairs, garden, and travel.  You can always get stronger no matter your age, come in and we will show you how. 


Reaction time will help you react to a stumble quicker and thus making it easier to regain your balance.  We can help you regain that quickness with specific practice on unsteady surfaces.  This will help you when you are on uneven or rocky terrain, and even dancing.  


Come to Comstock Physical Therapy to learn the right exercises to improve ALL these areas!  Don’t be discouraged by your age; anyone can get stronger, faster and more limber if you do the RIGHT exercises.


We can also discuss home hazards that may be putting you at risk for unnecessary falls.  Remember PREVENTION is the best INTERVENTION!

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