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A better to way to stretch you Achilles!

Achilles-tendonIf you have a tight Achilles do you the usual stretch, which is to lean against a wall, the foot you are stretching farther back. Here is a picture: calf stretch Another way to stretch the Achilles is the stand with your feet on a step and slowly lower your body weight while keeping your toes on the stair. toe book stretch Stretching the Achilles feels good, and can increase motion, but how does that translate into walking? Could the problem be weakness in the front of the ankle, instead of tightness in the Achilles? And if the front ankle muscles are weak, and they are needed to help lift the foot when you swing the leg through, and needed to support the arch as you put weight on the leg, could you accomplish both front ankle strength AND Achilles stretch at the same time? Yes, you can, and it is better for your feet! What to do? First, standing, practice lifting the toes from the tips of the toes. Then, lift the foot, keeping the heel down on the floor. Take 10 steps on each foot. Repeat this in sitting to stretch the soleus muscle, the muscle underneath the gastrocnemius. toes up ankle up

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Comstock Physical Therapy

We have a rebounder at Comstock PT

Enjoy the video below. Funny ending! :)

5 Tool Sport
Plyos are a mainstay exercise for athletes in the mid-to-late stages of rehab for upper or lower extremity injuries (or can also be used for prevention)😏. They begin to prepare the affected structures and tissues to tolerate forces and stress more closely related to sport. For the #thrower 🥎⚾️, we like to use these as a precursor before interval throwing programs.
There are many ways of accomplishing this, but here we show how to use a rebounder/trampoline to achieve dynamic shoulder plyos.
1️⃣ Chest pass
2️⃣ Diagonals
3️⃣ Overhead chop
4️⃣ 0° IR
5️⃣ 90° IR
6️⃣ 0° ER
All incorporate a controlled concentric to eccentric phase and have the added bonus of adjusting to an external object. What others do you like??
🔹Swanik et al. The effect of shoulder plyometric training on amortization time and upper extremity kinematics. JSR. 2016.
🔹 Wright, et al. Exercise prescription for overhead athletes with shoulder pathology: a systematic review with best evidence synthesis. BJSM. 2018.

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Comstock Physical Therapy
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