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When one problem is really caused by another problem…..

Sometimes one kind of pain, which seems to be caused by problem A, can really be caused by problem B.  This often happens in the PT clinic, and the smart therapist will help the patient discover the true cause of their pain. 

What are some examples? 

Abdominal pain, especially when the pain gets worse with effort such as sit ups, can really be hip painHip pain often occurs in the groin, but can actually  start out in the lower abdominal area and not as low as the groin.  When you are working out or exerting yourself, both the hip and abdominals are working hard and one can bleed over into the other.  How do you know if it is hip pain instead of abdominal muscle pain?  Does your hip become stiff when you flex it up to tie your shoe or put on your sock?  Do you hurt when you are walking or running a lot?  Then it might just be hip pain…have it checked out by your PT. 

Do you have arm pain?  Is it your elbow or is it your neck or shoulder girdles muscles which are referring pain into the arm? How do you know?  If you put pressure on a muscle and it hurts, then likely it is the muscle but if pressure on a muscle does not cause pain, it can be from further up the chain or further down the chain. 

If you pain does not get better, come on it to get assessed by your PT, and find the answer!







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6 days ago

Comstock Physical Therapy

We have a rebounder at Comstock PT

Enjoy the video below. Funny ending! :)

5 Tool Sport
Plyos are a mainstay exercise for athletes in the mid-to-late stages of rehab for upper or lower extremity injuries (or can also be used for prevention)😏. They begin to prepare the affected structures and tissues to tolerate forces and stress more closely related to sport. For the #thrower 🥎⚾️, we like to use these as a precursor before interval throwing programs.
There are many ways of accomplishing this, but here we show how to use a rebounder/trampoline to achieve dynamic shoulder plyos.
1️⃣ Chest pass
2️⃣ Diagonals
3️⃣ Overhead chop
4️⃣ 0° IR
5️⃣ 90° IR
6️⃣ 0° ER
All incorporate a controlled concentric to eccentric phase and have the added bonus of adjusting to an external object. What others do you like??
🔹Swanik et al. The effect of shoulder plyometric training on amortization time and upper extremity kinematics. JSR. 2016.
🔹 Wright, et al. Exercise prescription for overhead athletes with shoulder pathology: a systematic review with best evidence synthesis. BJSM. 2018.

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6 days ago

Comstock Physical Therapy
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