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Muscle of the Week: Peroneus Longus pain masking as plantarfasciitis

The peroneus muscles are on the outside of the lower leg and ankle and usually get strained when the ankle gets sprained.  This makes sense to most people because the tendons run so close to the outside of the ankle. 


But…..the peroneus longus tendon crosses UNDER the foot after running along side the ankle bone to help support the arch.  It attaches in the middle of the arch on the bottom side. 

Here is  a picture of the bottom of the foot:

When the peroneus longus tendon insertion starts to pull and get irritated, it can feel like plantarfasciitis and be confusing.  However, the fix is usually the same, stretch your Achilles and plantarfascia and strengthen the side to side  muscles as well as get manual therapy. Sometimes orthotics help too.  Your physical therapist is particularly well trained to fix this condition.

Why are some people knocked knee-ed on one side?

Here is an interesting case of a patient who injured her right knee with a cartilage tear about 15 months ago.

Her hip responded to the right knee injury by twisting in at the thigh and out at the shin.  The angle between the upper leg and lower leg is about 25 degrees, and on the left, her normal leg is about 10 degrees.  

After one treatment, and some home exercises her knee looked like this:

If you are interested in knee rehabilitation, here is a link


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Surprising exercise for kneecap pain: hip rotation!

Back Pain When Shoveling Snow? Try a few of these exercises {Olympia, Wa}

Did you get an achey back after shoveling snow?  You may wonder why that happens.  It happens because the deeper supportive muscles get tired and the larger lumbar paraspinals take over but they become achey.  Here is a picture of the lumbar paraspinals:

What exercises can you do?  First get onto your bed or floor, and stretch your hips back towards your knees.

Then, to relax the larger muscles and strengthen your core, contract your pelvic floor (Do a Kegel’s) and while holding the Kegel’s, pull your tummy in towards your spine.  Hold for 5 seconds, and do 10 repetitions.  Here is a picture of the deeper core muscles:

Have fun in the snow!

Dancing in Olympia….after knee surgery? YES

Phyllis Hanks loves to dance with her partner George Haller. They are dance instructors at the Lac-A-DoHall in Olympia (website is  http://olympia-modern-western-dancing.org/OurPeople.aspx).  The problem was…she could not dance without knee pain.  It got to the point she needed to have knee surgery, and had a meniscus repair to fix her pain.

After her surgery she came to Comstock Physical Therapy for her knee rehab…and got a little better.  Progress was slow, even after quite a few PT sessions of strengthening, stretching, and range of motion exercises.  I was pretty frustrated;  here was this lovely patient frustrated as heck and progress was slow.  Then I looked up and down her leg to see if any other problems could be contributing to her knee pain…AND THERE IT WAS!  Her left ankle was SO STIFF; we had given her ankle stretching exercises, and she had been doing them religiously, but she was still SO STIFF in her ankle.  Here is a picture of her left ankle's stiffness, stepping off a step:

We treated her left ankle and foot by stretching the individual joints.  After that treatment she DANCED 6 HOURS OVER THE NEXT WEEKEND.  Here is how her ankle's mobility on the left is now:

Her knee feels better now!  Turns out her ankle stiffness was making her knee hurt!

If you would like to contact George or Phyllis for dance lessions, please email George at haller.george@comcast.net.

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